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We worked with the team at Lemonade to bring their campaign "When Life Gives You Lemons" to life, designing custom characters and branded scenes.

We provided a comprehensive suite of services, including creative direction, motion design, character design, animation, and video editing.

Rethinking insurance for a new age

Lemonade Insurance is a technology-driven insurance company that utilizes artificial intelligence and behavioral economics to offer home, renters, pet, and life insurance policies. Founded in 2015, Lemonade aims to simplify the insurance process by providing fast, transparent, and affordable coverage.

With a customer-centric approach, they prioritize social impact through their Giveback program, which donates unclaimed premiums to nonprofit organizations. By harnessing modern technology and focusing on social good, Lemonade is revolutionizing the insurance industry and offering an innovative, user-friendly experience to its customers.


Insurance can be easy and, dare we say, fun

The objective was to create captivating, informative, and relatable videos that demystified insurance concepts while reflecting Lemonade's innovative and approachable brand identity. To achieve this, our team developed engaging narratives and memorable characters, seamlessly blending education and entertainment in a visually stunning package.

Scene Design

Our motion and character design specialists conceived unique, endearing characters that resonated with viewers. Our animators then brought these characters to life, weaving them into dynamic scenes that effortlessly conveyed complex insurance principles and Lemonade's unique value proposition. Meticulous video editing tied the entire project together, ensuring a smooth and coherent final product.


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