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Land Champ


Flycatcher proudly partnered with Land Champ to cultivate a robust brand identity for their pioneering venture into the realm of rural vacant land information products.

Positioned to empower retail landowners in the U.S., Land Champ's mission was clear: to equip them with knowledge and strategies, hitherto reserved for seasoned realtors and investors, that can transform the fate of hard-to-sell land.

Land of opportunity

Taking cues from the brief, our design ethos was rooted in the amalgamation of conservative sensibilities and the vigor of sportsmanship. The color palette was dominated by earthy tones and robust metallic hues, invoking feelings of stability, tradition, and valor. This palette was supplemented by our comprehensive brand guidelines, ensuring that Land Champ's message remained cohesive across all touchpoints.

Original Concepts

Going deeper

After receiving feedback on our initial concepts, the client was excited for the possibilities from versions 2 & 3. In an attempt to hone in on these core ideas of minimalism, victory, and agriculture, we explored many more versions in both directions.

Version 2

Version 3

The winner is...

This led to the birth of a logo that symbolized both trustworthiness and a champion's spirit: a bold emblem merging the outlines of a parcel of land with the triumphant silhouette of a championship banner. This emblem, encapsulating the company's essence, ensured recognizability both online, for their digital courses, and offline, for their tangible products.

Some kind words

Just outstanding work, you knew exactly what I wanted (even though I didn't!) We're thrilled to take what you all have made into the marketplace.

Jeremy Nash, Land Champ


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